Martin Marietta Specific Aggregates

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Project Description:

Martin Marietta SpecAg is an aggregate mine located just west of the Denver Metro next to I-70.

Martin Marrietta Reclamation 1
Martin Marrietta Reclamation 2
Martin Marrietta Reclamation 4
Martin Marrietta Reclamation 5

The first photo shows the reclamation process; native slope at the top of the hill, reclaimed slope immediately below it, seeded slope with new vegetation next down, then regraded and mulched slope before seeding, and mined but unreclaimed slope at eye level. Mining started at the top of the slope and is progressing downward. The mulched slope also shows up on the left side of Photograph 2. Photo 2 also shows a dozer regrading the slope shown on the right side of photograph 1, with freshly mulched slope to left and reclaimed slope above. Photo 4 shows a partially filled mine bench prior to final grading, note the native slope to the top right and a reclaimed slope top left for comparison. And finally photo 5 shows drilling shot holes prior to blasting, note the reclaimed slope grading into the native slope in the background.